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Management & Consulting Inc.

About DR Consulting

DR Management & Consulting Inc. (DR Consulting)  provides leadership, program and project management, technical oversight, and coordination of financing for land development and infrastructure projects.

A Program Manager, when serving as an intermediary between clients and consultants (as opposed to those that are employees of one or the other), monitors the project consultants and lets them know what needs to be done and when things need to be completed. Then the program manager lets the project owners (their clients) know how things are going and what ought to be approved.

We go well beyond being typical program or project managers. In addition to the typical duties of a program or project manager, we work closely with the owners of projects, their consultants, and others to create a better team and to teach them how to improve their project and future projects.  And, if your project needs financing, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Dan R. Tomie, P. Eng.

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Service Quality Enhancement adds tremendous value beyond Program Management
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