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DR Management & Consulting Inc. (DR Consulting) provides leadership, program and project management, technical oversight, and coordination of financing for land development, infrastructure, commercial, and industrial projects.
As program managers we help owners, investors, developers, public agencies, and other consultants complete their projects on budget and on schedule.
We are more than just program or project managers.  In cases where we work directly with project owners we work closely with their other consultants to help them do their work quickly, effectively, and within budget. This helps develop trust and helps create and maintain a team spirit between the owners, consultants, contractors, and approving agencies.
We Enhance Service Quality
Our vast industry experience provides us with the valuable ability to provide
“Pre-emptive Arbitration” – we proactively help avoid conflicts and frustration.
We help all team members (Owners, Consultants, and Contractors):
Reduce Costs - Reduce Risks - Reduce Stress
We manage the details of projects — from the planning and entitlement phases to contract management, financial accounting and construction administration.
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We help develop trust and team spirit to reduce costs, risks, and stress

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Dan Tomie, President
Dan R. Tomie, President
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Barbara J Tomie, CFO
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